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Review movie A-X-L Robot Dog Note

Today is the premiere of A-X-L, Robot Dog, a science fiction film about Miles’s friendship and the A-X-L robot dog. Although the theme is not new, the film brings meaningful and interesting messages. After viewing the screening soon, Cinema Corner has reviewed the movie A-X-L Note Robot Dog, you follow the same!


Back in action three years ago, in 2015, the short film Miles was released and brought good effects. Continuing to launch the project, A-X-L came into being as a continuation of the movie Miles, written and directed by Oliver Daly.

AXL Dogs The Robot starts at an unannounced encounter between Miles (played by Alex Neustaedter) – a fast-paced, fast-moving boy and a dog fighting character named after him. AXL. Although the A-X-L robot was created for military purposes, attacking the enemy, Miles activated the “alliance” which helped A-X-L and Miles become close friends. But trouble has begun to arise, forcing A-X-L and Miles to embark on the adventurous adventure that the enemy is the government-created Robot Institute.


For the sake of visual imagery, you can imagine AXL as the epitome of a smart robot experiment in Chappie (2015) and the love story between a boy and a strange but cute monster. is being chased in Monster Trucks (2016). If you like both movies then A-X-L is the right choice for you this week.

Because the content is quite similar to the two movies can watch the movie you can easily guess the end. But the content and meaning of the film is quite interesting will certainly not disappoint you.

The action in the film not too much offset each scene is polished. The pursuit of curiosity, the action phase is not too much but truly hygienic, the combination of speed, technology in the natural environment is not like the car chase in the city as usual. Movies for all ages so there is no bloody death scene, most of the time the film color bright, lively.


The A-X-L robot dog’s appearance is truly impressive and the highlight of the film. Every detail of the outer armor to the robots of the A-X-L robot is made extremely true. A-X-L is a robot, but the action helps express very well, even the lovely and act cute as a real dog.

In summary, A-X-L Robot Dog is an interesting movie, not too fussy in the plot, but the action and interesting games. It is suitable for those who like adventure, speed and technology.

Rating 6.5 / 10

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