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[REVIEW] Girl in the Spider Net: just “female James Bond” with superficial content

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (A New Dragon Tattoo Story) can be both worth watching and not worth watching, depending on whether you are a fan of the previous movie or you simply is a spectator who likes action.

Movie content

If you have not seen the Girl with Dragon Tattoos (the first part), then we will summarize the main idea of the film. The story is about the journey of female hacker Lisbeth Salander, she is a hero in the shadow of women, specializing in punishing the bad men, violence women. In association with reporter Mikael Blomkvist, they uncovered many cases involving women’s rights, prostitution or even leading to organized crime syndicates.

In the movie Girl in the Spider Net, we will once again see Lisbeth Salander punish a poor husband, beat his wife. But it all ends in the opening minutes, after which the film changes completely.


This is no longer a deep film and brings heavy dark colors from content to images as before. The film turns a bolder direction, acting and fighting fiercely with Lisbeth Salander’s journey to save the world. The Queen defends women who will no longer focus on her main job, but she joins a rescue mission involving the government.

Audiences are no longer enjoying the moments of nervousness, nervousness, brainstorming or extremely impressive plans. Instead, it is a fast-paced series that pushes viewers into chasing scenes, exciting action scenes. However, if you carefully read the content of the film, it is very weak and is like a way to give the audience what they need. Many holes, many unreasonable circumstances, plus nearly 2 hours sitting on the chair makes many people feel boring and tired.

In this movie, we will be digging into the past of the female lead Lisbeth Salander. She was still waiting for something dark and harsh, but we were totally lost hope when Lisbeth’s past was told. A lack of emphasis and lack of appeal, it is too light and led to later events not convincing. The opposite of the film is extremely faint, the reason to become her villain is very nonsense. In addition, the Girl in the Spider Net also proves the word of mouth is very accurate: Do not fear enemies as strong as the tiger, only afraid of teammates as fool.

Actors and Actresses

Back to the main character, this time Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy in the role) is still appearing with the familiar type of thorny and tattooed full. But she was created with a look more like a spy than the monstrous, monstrous, scary look in the Girl with Dragon Tattoos. This also demonstrates the direction of the Girl in the Spider Net is completely different from the previous film, which is more action and blood. The gloomy atmosphere and heavy color of the old part no longer. This time Lisbeth is too “exaggerated” movie, must be called as superhuman. Fighting and acting is like James Bond and must say is disobeying his small body condition. Some of the hands on the meat is corn, some punch, some stones or just an electric shot is squashed.


Despite trying to act and play very well but Claire Foy still can not balance the film with a loose content and boring. The rest of the characters are so fuzzy, there are people we think are not necessary, but still contributing or important at the last moment but really the characters are so badly constructed that they do not need to appear. it is OK. Typically, the role of reporter Mikael Blomkvist, in this section in addition to supporting information to find Lisbeth, he does not show his bravery as well as his influence on her. This role was enjoyed by many, and was played by Daniel Craig.

Audio, images and effects

Sound of the film is very good, very sound, although the effect from the side is not much but on the strength you will be completely satisfied. Each gun, explosion or engine sound of our Ducati motorbike, which our female hackers ran all over the road, was very happy. The picture and color of the film is pretty, it has a cool color tones to accompany the dark. The scene and the action is very attractive, this is also what keeps the audience sitting back to continue enjoying the film.


On the margins a bit, this morning at the cinema, I discovered the projector is faulty, then run to inform the staff, 50 minutes after the ticket time CGV has invited me to the cinema, is still normal No one is allowed to open the theater.

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