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[REVIEW] AHS: Apocalypse – Starts off well for the eighth season

American Horror Story (AHS: Apocalypse) has returned to spread the horror of apocalypse. This time, AHS brings together the bloody faces of Season 3 Coven and Season 1 of Murder House to make Ryan Murphy’s first, glamorous and ambitious crossover.

As the name implies, the apocalypse has come to the AHS world in the most feared form – Nuclear War. The third war ended in humanity for … an hour (the film only takes about 5-6 minutes). Survivors, some selected, some rich enough to buy a ticket to escape, drifted to the outposts prepared for the long nuclear winter ahead. The outposts are under the control of a mysterious organization known simply as the Association. In short, it looks like AHS: Apocalypse taking the outpost 3 becomes the first focus of the story.


The episode spans enough time to introduce the character. In the first scene, the world is still functioning as ever, Coco (Leslie Grossman) – a rising hotgirl – has a talk with the hairdresser Mr.. Gallant (Evan Peters) and star of Mallory (Billie Lourd). People also received missile warning messages on their phones. A light flashes across, followed by a mushroom-shaped smoke column. Just that, the world ends. Recalling 40 minutes before the explosion, Timothy (Kyle Allen) is eagerly awaiting college admissions received news of the missile is about to fall to the city. In the temporary refuge, Timothy and Emily – another selected person – met briefly before a bang rocked the compound. Later, both were transported to Outpost 3, where a group of refugees were available.

The next half, The end, transmits humor and mundane atmosphere to the audience in the spirit of American Horror Story. There is no government, no technology, outpost 3 turns into true darkness. Inside the outpost, the members combined into a miniature society full of the characteristics of the “human society”. There is a ruling class like Ms. Venable (Sarah Paulson) – representing the Association, Ms.Mead (Kathy Bates) represents the guardian of the order, and the ruling class is classified by color. Strenuous closed space plus repeated sequences of actions often led the members closer to the edge of dementia. Unfortunately for them, radiation outside is rampant, the inside facing the congenital marsupial tea blended into the outpost.

The pilot episode featured the first full-length footage of Season 8. The color contrast was not as intense as the Freak Show, which was bleak, dark in color to depict the decline of the world and of humans. Small to great details are elaborately polished, like cold war radioactive kits, radioactive snow covering the ground with a gray color, which makes the truth behind the nuclear disaster. .

The crossover factor is the most intriguing factor in season 8. Michael Landon (Cody Fern), the son of Ruber Man and Vivien (season 1), has appeared to unite two seasons 1 and 3, despite the The elements of the Coven season are still absent. My personal theory is, is the outpost 3 a dead house in a different shape? Is Eden referred to as the place of the Wizard Society?

A 45 minute film is not enough to satisfy the movie, but it is 45 minutes worth of waiting. Moreover, good stories always need mysterious beginnings.

However, American Horror Story tends to tip the tail as a movie like Cult or Hotel. After the Coven, the next season as the later revealed exhausted gradually through the episode. The ending of the American Horror Story season is becoming increasingly difficult at the end of the season. Perhaps Ryan Murphy has built up a too-massive storyline to put a mark on the success he has brought to the series. With this crossover season, fans will demand even more. Season one and season three of AHS are considered to be two of the most prominent film seasons in terms of content and quality.

Another weakness of the season is in the cast. Ryan Murphy has hailed this season as having a string of actors including actresses Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. Both Murder House and Coven, even the entire season, have shared a cast with a handful of new faces. Despite the fact that a cast of hard-core cast members has been selected, the re-use of eight seasons has made it unlikely that the characters will be able to avoid confusion and misleading the audience. Especially for new audiences or even loyal fans of American Horror Story.

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