After his fight, Yaya continued with ‘Nakee 2’


Yaya was born and raised in Pattaya, Thailand and Norway. She is fluent in Thai, English and Norwegian. She also speaks French and Spanish. Urassaya started modeling at an early age. Yaya Yay – actor who is storming cyber community in Vietnam – Mr. Anh Chua also has a...

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Sony plans on a special character – Spider Woman

sony-plans-on-a-special-character-spider-woman 2

Sony Pictures is currently planning another Spider-Man spin-off called Silk. This is a special character who has been known as Spider-Woman although this is not her official title. Silk has a common trait that has been bitten by the spider itself that bites Peter Parker...

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Affleck is risking Batman for being too old

affleck-is-risking-batman-for-being-too-old 1

Among Ben Justice’s mainstream actresses, Ben Affleck is probably the biggest loser ever, as he constantly gets involved with information about being fired from Batman. The surprising similarities between Iron Man and Black Panther The Batman villain “The rumor” – Peng Peng is the Penguin?...

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