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Overlord Campaign – War, zombie pandemic and human story

In recent years, dramas and war movies have been made quite a lot, but a film including World War II and horror zombies seems to be something “new” to the audience. Famous Hollywood producer J.J. Abrams collaborated with director Julius Avery on the movie The Overlord. It can be said that this work is expected by many viewers, not only by the reputation of J.J. Abrams but also from the sharing of interesting ideas of this ambitious project.

Before going to the cinema see this movie I also hand over the information about the Overlord campaign to see how it is evaluated. I have seen many comments that this movie is “strange script, unique, many factors fun, touching, heroism, horror, supernatural …” I expect quite a good 109 minutes. satisfied But the film seems to be just a heap of mixes of so many genres. Although many “experts” appreciate, I can honestly say this movie script is not new. A group of US soldiers plunged into a secret mission, strange? A laboratory that makes serum warrior supernatural, strange? World War II, Nazi Nazis, American troops, great hero, strange? Indeed, Hollywood writers seem to be picking up all the pre-eminent themes and putting it into the movie in the hope that it will hit the market.


In preparation for D-Day, a coalition of the West Front against the Nazis, US troops were ordered to parachute into a French village to destroy the radio tower only for the German Air Force. To reduce the damage to the war. Only five people survived and continued their mission. During a scouting visit, a soldier discovered a secret from the inhuman experiments of the German army. The group plans to destroy the tower and other cruel experiments. It seems that American filmmakers are still using a recipe commonly used in Hollywood: a small group of US troops perform an almost impossible task to save a country or for humanity. We have the feeling Saving Private Ryan is mixed with Captain America: The First Avengers. Only this time, Ryan was equal to the French baby, while the villain was injected with serum to increase vitality.

Ford faced Wafner, whether in human war?

The beginning of the movie really did a great job. Young soldiers of different backgrounds, races, personalities, and occupations entered the battle with all sorts of emotions. The dialogue is simple but introduces the most basic character of the characters in the film. Then suddenly the battle on them as an invisible beast devastated their lives. The film was crushed and in the bloody, dark night, they parachuted under the flames of a flameless air rifle that were tearing the sky apart. This film is really powerful, stirring the audience and is very cinematic. It’s such a great offer that any filmmaker would like to have. The thought of the film will continue to take the momentum to push the horror of the war even more, but unexpectedly, the opening seems to put all the essence, the remaining paragraphs in a puzzling way.


Suddenly turning to humor and horror, it seems that the filmmakers wanted to add some spice to the emotions but put it in the context of a fierce war that was too phase-shifted and made it lose the atmosphere. well built from the beginning. A series of silly actions were unacceptable to the soldiers who were hiding and carrying out top-secret tasks in the enemy area, which made me feel very upset and asked what the director’s intent was. Choosing a dark-humor style is also appropriate because the 5 soldiers built from the beginning of the film are quite fun and the humor of some characters can be exploited. The lack of determination of the main color of the film made the viewer extremely discouraged. The passage in the French village should be better, there are many segments that can push the climax and expose the naked face of war but time and time again be wasted and the feeling of being cut off. Due to the mix of humor, tragedy and horror scenes. It is not a bad idea to have a character described as a bad soldier during a gentle training session (not dare to kill a rat). Thus, the psychology of the character changes and the human being when pushed into difficult situations must adapt to survive, war is the most destructive human transformation. However, giving the situation so smoothly to the absurd also reduces a lot of emotion and rationality to the story.

It’s easy to see the protagonist of the movie Boyce (Jovan Adepo) but the two most impressive characters are the Ford Soldier (Wyatt Russell) and the Nazi Wafner (Pilou Asbæk). A brutal but tough personality, but at the decisive moments of the war we need people like Ford. All the cruelty, sickness, despicable is put on the character Wafner. It is no longer a mere character that becomes the embodiment of the evil, where man permits evil to perish and corrupt the extremes, while the animal remains when the mantle of civilization is removed. from humans.


Films made of well-constructed characters and explorations of the lab are very attractive but are handled quite clumsy in the resolution. If the film is in the direction of pure “black humor”, or promote the horror associated with the epic sacrifice, the film may be a lot better. The ending is too simple, lacking in bias or highlighting the contrast of humanity and cruelty that makes the message of the film unclear, unconvincing. Image, video and sound effects are fine but not impressive. If the first part of the film does a good job of portraying the death of war, the middle of the lab is so over-used that it’s not enough to thrill the audience. The end of the film can be considered as temporary, we still see the happy ending.

Scene in the ending of the film


In conclusion, we have a pretty good movie to watch. The film will bring a variety of emotions for viewers from stress, joy, fear, anger, contentment. Although there are many grays in the script, it is hard to deny that the film has some memorable moments and the idea of a Nazi zombies is not so bad.

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