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Malicious Review – Light scare

Malicious is a work of director Michael Winnick was released from October 5 and Touch Cinema rated this film is suitable for the audience is watching the horror film genre with quite scary factor lightly.

The movie The Devil’s Daughter is labeled 16+, but after watching the film Touch Cinema feel that viewers ages 13 and older can fully view this work.

Movie content

Malicious is a story about a couple Adam – Lisa has just moved from the city to the suburbs to live when his husband was invited to teach at the local university, and his wife wanted to live in a place where fresh air for pregnancy.


Like many other horror movies, when the Adam and Lisa couple moved to the new home and received their sister’s gift, it seemed to have surpassed both. Lisa is unfortunate and more serious than she can not get a chance to mother again, while the cause of her miscarriage is extremely mysterious.

Coming home from the hospital, Lisa began to hear and see the constant illusion in her house. Adam Adam and her sister did not believe that things existed. Finally, Adam had to ask a professor of mathematics and psychosocial teaching at the school to support his wife. As a result, they discovered that in the gift of neo-Lisa sent gifts containing a demon always trying to destroy the fetus in the womb to have shelter.

The danger is getting closer as the demon fades away over time, so they have to find a way to quickly deal with the devil before it kills all those around him. But to do that is not easy at all.

The plot of the Devil’s Daughter is quite good, but the way the movie script was developed improperly made the film quite normal, not impress the viewer. The film is slow and there are not many situations that threaten the audience, even if the horror is enough to start a bit startled and quickly return to normal.

The film uses familiar scare tactics often used for old horror movies such as thunder, flowing water, baby crying. However, the sound is not enough horror to shock the audience startled. That’s why Touch Cinema rated the film as a good fit for 13+.

The ending of the film will certainly make many viewers surprise and lack of, but Touch Cinema also do not understand why the director draws such a lopsided end. Knowing that the production cost of the film is only about $ 3.5 million, but the audience still expect something, at least the end should not be built so superficial.

Actors and Actresses

Josh Stewart as Lisa and Bojana Novakovic as Lisa have all done their part well. The way they show love for each other, the way they both suffer and torment the loss of the child or how they have to fight with the danger brought by evil spirits … make the audience feel very obsessed and sensitive. with the pain they are suffering.


The supporting cast of the movie is relatively less than 90 minutes, but it is undeniable that their appearance contributes to the film’s appeal.

Audio, images and effects

Touch Cinema does not fully appreciate the film and its effects. The background in the film is mostly used in the dark, this effect to increase the sense of humor and fear of the audience. But it seems that the director is too fond of the dark night that these frames appear too much, making the background of the movie always blurred to the point of discomfort. Even in the night the electricity did not turn on, when the ghosts in the corridor also did not turn on the light to find the truth of the incident. Many audiences were unable to restrain themselves from reprimanding the department responsible for the image without the mind, which could not bring about the effect of intimidation through the cinema.

The sound of the film has not been handled really well, when not combining the sound with the frame in the film, so the effect of the film intolerance does not work for the audience.

The picture is not enough threat

Although not as attractive as the Message of the soul, but each film has the distinct advantages that other horror movies are not difficult. The movie is currently being screened at Touch Cinema and the movie will be back on Monday after the national mourning.

Wish you have the right choice and join the fun.

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