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I Still See You – Perfect launch for Halloween

If you love horror movies but the Devil’s Nest is not enough fear, then you should follow the message of the soul (original title: I Still See You). The film received a lot of praise after being officially released this past weekend.

I Still See You is a low-budget thriller project, but it does not affect the quality of the movie; Especially when the work is adapted from the hit novel Break My Heart One Thousand Times.

The content of the film full of surprises

The story is set 10 years after the nuclear disaster in a small state of America. For nearly a decade, people’s lives have not been able to return to the normal trajectory when there are always ghosts repeating an action for a specific period of time from day to day other.


The existence of inseparable souls prompted the school to open a study class on the soul of the dead and Ronnie was a member of that class. Ronnie was a fairly normal student, her life was a straight line with no change since the nuclear explosion. However, that peaceful life ended when Ronnie’s birthday came. She discovered as close to birth as more strange things, starting from the ghost of her father often read a newspaper every morning, while in the bathroom again appeared a young soul and figure As if trying to say something very dangerous.

Ronnie begins to anticipate something is not going to happen in the future, so she goes to Kirk – classmates for help. The two young people have come together to find answers to the events took place and find ways to be able to fight the fate of other people arranged.

The script of the film The message of the soul is built to the smallest detail in the film. This allows the audience to enjoy a fascinating tale of unexpected surprises, pushing audiences from one climax to another. When watching the movie, just rub your eyes one by one, and you can miss the important moment that is the key to deciphering all the mysteries that are going on. At the same time the important details of the film are separated, so viewers need to know how to string them together to find the best answer.

This is one of the few horror movies in theaters for about a month back here received praise from critics and film followers, the message of unjust soul is rated more attractive than The Nun It was not long ago. So if you are a horror filmmaker who skips this work, it is extremely unfortunate.

Actors and Actresses

The cast of the film received a lot of praise from the professionals, especially the two main characters. Bella Thorne takes on the lead role of Ronnie and she demonstrates her improved acting ability by conveying emotions, her psychological state to herself; The film has helped to rekindle the popularity of young actresses after many scandals about spoken and private life. The main man Richard Harmon also had the impression of impressing the image of a courageous, intelligent guy, ready to stand behind to protect his friend.


Audio, images and effects

Unlike many other horror films that abuse too many dark films to add a sense of horror. I Still See You handles light very well, dark frames have the same aspect ratio, but the use of bright frame is a bit fuzzy, contributing to a sense of horror for the audience. The technique of staging the souls really makes viewers praise, sometimes the audience feels the characters in the movie are in contact with real people, the right hand will pull away immediately but the soul suddenly disappears. a virtual mist. This is really impressive for the audience.


The sound of the movie is well appreciated, the sound in the film is so real that the viewer must be raised chicken skin. For example, the ice skating with friction ice “kin kít” very fast and sudden, so viewers can not not cold; Even a gun shot made the cinema startled even though it knew it would happen.

Actor’s performance is impressive

The message of oan soul is definitely a movie you should choose if you love horror movies. And if you love the bright, romantic movies can choose Why light or House has a magic clock ….

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