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Malicious Review – Light scare


Malicious is a work of director Michael Winnick was released from October 5 and Touch Cinema rated this film is suitable for the audience is watching the horror film genre with quite scary factor lightly. The movie The Devil’s Daughter is labeled 16+, but after...

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Ghoul (2018) – Human reflection is the devil


Instead of the usual blue-eyed cast, Ghoul brings audiences to a future prospect of the land on the banks of the sacred Ganges River to meet a cast of indigenous, English accents. and other European-American environments. Indian-born director Patrick Graham has donned a strange color...

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Review movie A-X-L Robot Dog Note


Today is the premiere of A-X-L, Robot Dog, a science fiction film about Miles’s friendship and the A-X-L robot dog. Although the theme is not new, the film brings meaningful and interesting messages. After viewing the screening soon, Cinema Corner has reviewed the movie A-X-L...

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