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Ghoul (2018) – Human reflection is the devil

Instead of the usual blue-eyed cast, Ghoul brings audiences to a future prospect of the land on the banks of the sacred Ganges River to meet a cast of indigenous, English accents. and other European-American environments.

Indian-born director Patrick Graham has donned a strange color to the audience on familiar topics that inspired many films. With these factors, viewers will need a few minutes to adapt to Netflix’s Ghoul series (2018), which is a really weird and familiar series. So let’s temporarily put aside the impression you have on Indian film aside for the sake of a series of supernatural, violent, actionable and politically-social elements.

Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte), a young, patriotic young officer, is recruited to interrogate terrorist Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj) in India. Prison under the shadow of a reform center of the Government. For one thing, terrorism is not a threat to Nida and its fellow officers, but to entities beyond their imagination.


With just three episodes, Ghoul did not hesitate to break away from the thrill of the horror thriller when deliberately keeping the horror at a moderate level with limited phasing. Instead, the director Pactrick Graham did not hesitate to show real brutal tortures in the world – rather, the CIA – to the mental battle scenes between the characters and ghouls, to keep Dramatic homogeneity for the film to the fierce battle between Ghoul and Nida under the type of “final girl” type familiar.

A Fascist regime came to power. They repress freedom of speech, freedom of thought and religious freedom, establishing religious discrimination zones and political prisoners in the name of “re-education camps” across the country. India in Ghoul has lost its vibrant colors, lively and graceful dances that are often remembered when it comes to the land of the Ganges. Humans are also afraid to be caught in the camp at any time because of a “sin” such as the possession of teaching materials beyond the prescribed and desperate teaching materials that are ready to sell the soul to the devil. evil – a profoundly profane act to anyone of faith – to bring the Ghoul to earth. In the gloomy atmosphere, the classic battle between humans and devils begins. Until the curtain, no one can distinguish where the devil is. Ghoul is asking the audience that humans and demons are as different as we think.

Ghoul Ghoul is a very well-built villain. Not the kind of demon that just scare people, Ghoul is very clever, clever, talented strategist and good manipulator. The demon had planned to get the victim to follow his steps. Every death from the moment they clash, even death, is done to achieve the ultimate goal. Based on the end of the movie, the demon was a huge success. But this character was slightly changed when filming.

According to Islamic legend, Ghoul (or Ghul) is a type of demon that appears at the graveyard to dig grave to eat the dead. In the movie, he mostly takes on the identity of the victim, so he does not have the impression that he is still eating human flesh but has the ability to disguise himself as a “bite” and master all the secrets. those who put it in sight. Ghoul took advantage of the secrets, the sins of the mortal men to push them to death. A reasonable change with the story because if only grave digging the dead, ghoul demon can not “handle” the film. Moreover, what threatens human beings if not the crimes they want to bury?

Ghoul is not as scary as it is suppressed by supernatural elements. Ghouls are shaped like human beings because of their special abilities. Context is narrow and always have limited light but nothing that the movie has not experienced. In general, Ghoul will not intimidate audiences. The frightening thing about Ghoul is that the series is real and close to the viewer.

Although the events of the future are fictional, they still make the viewer calm. Ethnic, religious, or cultural conflict, dictatorial dictatorship is no stranger to anything in 2018. We, if not broken, like Nida when it is the ideal of betrayal, can only see In impotence as father Shahnawaz Rahim (SM Zaheer) – a radical Islamic teacher. Ghoul is a fictional movie or a hint?

Ghoul is a TV series that is quite new to the audience due to the absence of actors and the context of Europe and America so the movie is not known.

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