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Alpha: The Player – See to understand why people do not eat dog meat

Almost in the midst of blockbusters (or bombs, depending on how you look), like the Super Shark or the Deathly Hallows, Alpha: People do not know what to expect in the movie, but in the end, under the eyes of audiences, is still worth watching.

Although not a very good form, Alpha: The Player scored points by owning many touching moments, especially the sincere friendship between people and objects shown on the film to help the film content has more depth.


Keda character in the movie. (IMDb)

Alpha took the line about 20,000 years ago in Europe, when human ancestors were still eating their hair at the hole and hunting and gathering alone. The main character of the movie is Keda, the son of a clan leader, who, on a hunt, fell to the cliff. When he woke up, only one body alone, he had to fight back to life and return home tracking the stars are tattooed on his hands. Fortunately, along with his brother Alpha also – fierce wolf gradually he was tamed.

Overall, the Alpha is a well-rounded, open-ended, climaxing and ending movie. Quite simply and with the loss of the story of How to Train Your Dragon, Keda’s journey is a testimony to the resilience and energy of the human being from the beginning of time. human civilization. Keda is different from his own people in that he is touched by the eyes of animals before his death and can not kill them unless he is cornered (he is also an ancestor of Continue to eat vegetarian food!). This gave him the opportunity to be friends with Alpha – the wolf that he spared his life and conceived.


Keda và Alpha. (IMDb)

Alpha does not have too many surprises, no plot twist and you can always guess what the next episode is. However, the appearance of a close-knit vampire dog makes the movie so much more soft and cute (forgive the movie’s viewers for not loving the lovely stuff!).

Especially the film is easy to connect with animal lovers in general and those who have dogs and dogs in particular. If you question the friendship between humans and a dog, as well as the devotion and loyalty that this animal has for the human being comes from, the film will probably give some satisfactory answers. , although it is not entirely sure by the historical events. Some of the scenes are somewhat old-fashioned in live-action films, but the intimacy of today’s life has given the film attention and excitement from the audience.


Alpha is the star of the movie. (IMDb)

The picture in the movie is done well. The scene of the protagonist sitting on the tree, in front of the starry sky is really beautiful. Slow motion when Alpha tries to stomp on the tape to save Keda is also touching and quite dramatic (although we all know what the end of it is.

The star of the movie is of course Alpha – the wild wolf is being tame (or is it “taming” Keda?), Not Keda. The smooth feathers and cute gestures of the Alpha made the audience to broach because it was so cute.

Alpha: The Player - See to understand why people do not eat dog meat

Alpha has many beautiful and natural frames. (IMDb)

Another thing that interests me in the film is the social message that the film, whether accidentally or intentionally transmitted, has a lot of meanings in lowland and common ground. things like Vietnam (the truth of the heart). Questions or quarrels when people cry because a dog, his cat is dead, not very rare and is gradually appearing more and more. Alpha shows the link between humans and dogs from prehistoric times. Alpha helps Keda to warm up, helping Keda hunt, saving Keda’s life and helping Keda not ejaculate in his loneliness. So when Alpha returned to the herd, Keda accidentally met and ran to beg Alpha to accompany him. Such deep feelings, cat breeders who watch movies will also see, will certainly see the real. It explains in part why people are hurt by a dog like a cat.

In the midst of August, with the unpredictable Euro-American season, the Alpha nonetheless fulfilled its role as a cute and eye-catching movie.

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