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A Star Is Born – The story touches the hearts of millions of viewers

A Star Is Born is a light-hearted cinematic piece full of emotions in love and career, easily touching the deepest place in the soul. every human being.

The film stars Bright received 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb, 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – which was enough to speak of the quality of Bradley Cooper’s directorial career. main actor.

Romantic love story and sweet


Why is it that the film is about a married couple in the entertainment industry Jackson – Ally. They met at a bar, when Jackson was a famous musician around the world, and Ally was just a small waiter with a sweet inner voice not received by any record label. Poor appearance. Jackon because of Ally’s fondness for the bar in which he decided to get acquainted with the young girl and was quickly conquered by her singing voice. Their story officially starts here.

Jackson was the first to put Ally on the stage, who also stood behind supporting his wife in every musical project with the right advice. As Ally’s career progresses, and at the height of his career, Jackson is dying. Alcoholism and drug addiction caused Jackson no longer soul, no longer packed tour and no audience has many units invite him to sing. The career of the couple is like a seesaw, this person became a fame, the rest is blurred. From here contradictions arise, the dream in this dream is only the endless arguments, the constant drunken can not master themselves.

A Star Is Born is a musical work that uses music to tell the stories of everyday life in the art world, when the pressure of celebrities leads them to find stimulants to take. Can overcome the problems encountered in life. Each character’s footsteps are emotionally charged songs, replacing characters expressing mood, love, and efforts to overcome difficulties in life and career.

The film captures the audience in a very gentle story, with the love of the world’s most romantic lyrics by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The song is dedicated to the film will make the audience when they shake the tone of the vibrant, when smiling because of happiness but also the viewer must shed tears of heartache and moved.

Why is it a cinematic movie that is so intriguing that anyone can find a part of themselves in it. So this is one of the smart options for weekend entertainment.

Actors and Actresses

Actor Bradley Cooper is the producer’s choice for the role of Jackson. He appeared at the peak of his career as a bloomer, and then the most famous man in the world day and day was trying to find a way to keep his career. Images of alcoholic and drug addicts, career as the petals are extinguished Bradley Cooper is extremely complete. Every time he looks at his face, the audience feels the pain, the torment of himself and the inability of the person himself. This is due in part to the ingenious acting skills of the Oscar-nominated four-time actor, as well as his past miseries as a former alcoholic and drug addict.


The female lead of the movie – Ally is assigned to Lady Gaga. Get rid of the image of rebellious everyday, Lady Gaga plays a girl with excellent singing but shy in front of the crowd. In terms of acting, Lady Gaga can not be compared to actor Bradley Cooper, but she also fully embodied her role with the song is full of charm and charm.

Audio, images and effects

The film’s image is very well done with extremely sharp and impressive angles, blowing into the emotional frames of characters and viewers. As for the sound, why the light was carefully handled post-harvest, to retain the full touch of human love of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Along with that the sound of the film is handled very well, making viewers feel like watching a live concert live music.


The end of the light can make you a little sad. However, this is a very entertaining movie, so do not miss out on this weekend.

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